Gum Surgery


Gum Surgery

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that infects the gum tissue causing inflammation, redness, swelling and loss of bone around the teeth. It can affect one tooth or many.

There are several types of gum surgeries that your dentist might recommend if you’ve developed gum disease (also known as periodontal disease). The most common cause of gum disease is when excessive bacteria buildups in your mouth and create excess plaque and your body is unable to fight the infection.

Periodontal surgery is about restoring aesthetics and function to the teeth by the means of deep dental cleaning. A healthy mouth produces a healthy smile. Here are three benefits to periodontal surgery.

1. Deep clean – Periodontal surgery provides an intensive clean that helps break down bacteria and restore health to the mouth. This deep clean destroys existing pockets of bacteria and prevents further damage.

2. Prevents disease – Periodontal surgery helps prevent further disease from forming and prevents progression of disease in aggressive cases. After deep cleaning, the bacterial infection subsides, allowing for regular oral environment to take control of the mouth once again.

3. Restores function – periodontal surgery restores function by strengthening the teeth and gums thereby restoring oral health . Debilitating pain can often keep parts of the mouth incapable of functioning, but periodontal surgery is able to remove the bacteria causing the pain.

Flap Surgery Surgery might be necessary if inflammation and deep pockets remain following treatment with deep cleaning and medications. A periodontist may perform flap surgery to remove tartar deposits in deep pockets or to reduce the periodontal pocket and make it easier for the patient to keep the area clean.

Bone and Tissue Grafts In addition to flap surgery, your periodontist or dentist may suggest procedures to help regenerate any bone or gum tissue lost to periodontitis. Bone grafting, in which natural or synthetic bone is placed in the area of bone loss, can help promote bone growth.

Dental implants
  • Decreased bleeding from gums
  • Decreased mouth odour
  • Decrease in pain from gums
  • Firm and resilient gums
  • Restores tooth function
  • Promotes new bone growth
  • Long term oral health

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